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Aug 2, 2017 ijtbcwii

, I’m a little personal webmaster. Use spare time to make some of their own still think of their own conscience small broken web site. In the process of doing web site, there are also some personal experience. Today, write it out and share it with friends. It might be useful to you, maybe it’s empty talk to you.

personal webmaster, literally speaking, is a person to do web site. If you want to do a big web site, a person is not realistic. So we need people to cooperate, and that’s the first point:

1, does your partner have the ability to accomplish this difficult task?.

when I used to run a website, the maximum number of collaborators reached 9 people. Some are good friends in life, and others are friends on the internet. At that time, the reason for this is to pay less, everyone to share the risk. But blind cooperation like this. In the end, only the website can not do, people also hurt feelings. Let me explain here. It’s not necessarily a good thing that there are so many people. Because there is an old saying in China: "more monks, no water to eat.". This is a false truth. Everybody, you look at me, I look at you. Nobody does anything. Looking for management, afraid of offending this, afraid of hurting that. As it turned out, no one updated anything.

my Baoding 123 ( website now has only one of my partners and one of my friends. Web apps are purchased from other people’s off the shelf. He is particularly suited for technology. The program went to him and made a lot of changes. Meet the characteristics of your website. When I told him he was working together, he promised to join me in the Baoding 123 website without any hesitation. Because we are congenial. Hobbies are the same.

if you want to do a big site, remove the collaborators there are many reasons, and initially think of a web site, you should think about what aspects to do. Is there any feasibility?. Here are second points:

2, engage in Web sites, be purposeful. Targeted.

if you have a website, there is no purpose, no targeting crowd. That’s better than not doing it. There are targeted people, but also to see whether these people have time to access the internet. My 5 star composition network is like this, some people come to see, but see, go. Students here almost one purpose: copy other people’s composition, as their own to the teacher, to complete their own learning tasks. You let these people to write a composition, almost prohibitively difficult. Once a composition competition, where the students copied from the composition, the purpose is to defraud incentives. Some students still love writing, but parents always ask them like that. Control Internet time. This affected the original composition of the site included. Faced with this problem, we can only think about the location of the website and think about it. Then analyze the audience of this website, think about the time of the Internet for the audience of this website, and think about what these people are coming to, and whether or not they are on this website

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