t’s not easy to do standing Can’t you stand by without copying

Aug 2, 2017 nwrziqha

I want to do is how an original type of webmaster, how to like the station network, every day can be dozens of original articles, but the students’ personal webmaster can do that? Some people might say that as long as we can, but the personal webmaster to students after all is limited, every day. Update your own website even in class, learning…… Hey.. That’s too much。 Now the speed of network development is very fast, how many websites like Adsense nets as there are so many members attached? In this "days to rain, the widow to marry the critical moment, plagiarism is the best shortcut to stationmaster of a lot of selected farmers. I can say so, now webmaster nets appear a new original article, less than 1 hours, this article will appear in the Internet a lot of articles. I tested it today and published an original article on my website (www.126fw.com). In less than 30 minutes, I’ve found that 10 websites have started copying “

hey, it’s hard to be an original station, too,

is now a lot of the old owners, love people copy the content of the railway station, now a lot of new sites are the first update their original works, let Baidu included, but when your original works came out, people will go to copy.. Baidu first included others, then your original article became a collection of articles…. Hey,

also has so many templates! The website is nothing new,


maybe you also see a lot of Web site content is the same, such as webmaster nets as long as a new board model, not 3 days, the Internet will be a lot of appear and they like the web site…

doesn’t stand anywhere right now,

no traffic, no members, no support, only desperately to collect more articles, more to the engine to submit your web site, what to do, nothing more than do some traffic.

I do stand, I’m not easy, don’t copy you can’t stand,


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