can’t detect the gold on the nternet

Jul 29, 2017 kpzhojlh

recently met two friends, decided to quit from the Internet industry, and transferred to the traditional industry, I feel very pity. As a matter of fact, I am now engaged in the third pioneering undertaking. I feel very difficult due to the great economic environment this year. This period of time, often with friends to explore the network industry, looking for the current predicament of the crack method. Now let’s talk about the reality of my two friends and talk about the key to the problem.

is my first friend in the car website, chat some time ago when he told me he’s not done, ready to sell a car (to work), he said that the network is not good, may not be suitable for him. After chatting for a long time, I found that he was biased in his Internet thinking and consciousness. First of all, I’m still interested in this friend, every day professional maintenance of the site and update, but one day he checked, Baidu put his site to block, and make him very anxious, also confused. By the temptation of some people, he began to brush money that kind of mutual point, he completely gave up his original stop. From chatting with him, I can find that his idea of doing Internet is that he can come to a lot of money in a very short time. In fact, this is the idea of doing the internet. It is impossible to make thousands of things at once, and the Internet needs to be accumulated. Of course there are friends to talk about the Internet that you see 55BBS once sent 51 of it, all of a sudden hair, but they haven’t seen this suffering in the hair before is how painful, these friends only see the harvest time didn’t see the time of sowing.

my second friends is doing long-distance education, he is 2007.8 months to do, because he is a layman, please as many as 20 people to engage in the development in that, did six months out, such as the development of out everything in that market how difficult it is, simply give up online education to do the next line. In fact, this is the biggest mistake made friends will be their most good things to do, but if he is not to engage in the development and utilization of many mature video system is available can fully realize the function of distance education of the lower cost and better effect, this kind of a general video, CC system etc.. This friend had a thought is wrong, he would not need to think to do Internet marketing, he did not prepare their own marketing team to rush into this remote education, finally get the head broken and bleeding.

Of course,

said these not to discourage you weaving, just to remind you not to make the same mistake. I personally recently joined the Beth information consulting alliance inside, responsible for network operation this, and now mainly in charge of the new station, Beth, business navigation operations. In order to better development, I also hope that time enough friends together to complete our task, the formation of our own remote operation alliance team. If you are interested, you can join the league work, QQ:896558420

, but finally I still want to say: people can not be ideal, but no strength, no ability, that is fantasy

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