Baidu library combines QQ group marketing hundreds of thousands of months is not a dream

Jul 29, 2017 ocypcrog

before, through the Baidu library and QQ group combination, do some network marketing work, some achievements, feeling is still very effective, here to share with you. First of all, different industries have different characteristics, such as I am in the lubricating oil industry, usually recruit agents, rather than do retail, customers in the fine not many, a customer minimum, the first purchase also has about 80 thousand yuan. It can be said that a month to do 3,5 customers, you can bring great benefits to the enterprise. In my industry, after maintaining a customer, can generally become "lifelong customer", so mining effective customer information is the key. If you are in the industry and I am in a similar position, you can refer to this article, do some Baidu library marketing work, try, if done, certainly effective. For the promotion of Baidu library, many predecessors have said many times, here to talk about my view.

understand the purpose of your promotion

know the most important purpose of his promotion, I like to promote the site is mainly for marketing rather than traffic, so traffic is a bit less never mind can find effective customer, achieve sales is the purpose of your boss for salary is to let you bring benefits to the company, rather than look at your site traffic digital. So I didn’t spend too much time on Baidu library increase the reverse link, before also did some remain linked, but the feeling is more difficult, so no further extension, although there are some amount, but compared to the cost value of feeling is too little.

Why does

use QQ group


often Internet friends will find that there are a lot of website online customer service system, the focus of hate every time you visit the web site "as" your mouse, click to you for consultation, I feel this way may be in the user experience, is not very good, if you browse the website regularly, every time are the online customer system harassment, if your website can give some valuable things, estimates gradually will not come again. So my website does not take this way, and industry class portal, if you put an online customer service system, may let customers have other ideas. And in view of my familiar with the QQ group, also often engage in some groups, and then as a forum like business, so the more popular QQ group, if you have a better way, hope or according to their own circumstances and preferences of this article is to provide a valuable reference.

The advantages of

QQ group versus library combination versus online customer service

use Baidu library promotion, some users might agree with you the contents of the document, but not browse your website, then your online customer service system, can not play the role of all walks of life, the competition is very fierce, we should take the initiative, which is used to browse your site, will also consult the problem with customer service system, if the document is in the QQ browser provides a communication platform.

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