How to let users find a sense of belonging in the community website

Jul 28, 2017 tvsbpdsa

The development of

community websites often requires stable loyal users. If community users find a sense of belonging on the site, then the likelihood that these members will become loyal users is likely to increase. And the sense of belonging is simply not available on the web, providing only basic functionality. It often takes some details of operations to be realized. Moved to tell you how to realize in detail the user’s sense of belonging to the site.

1. community associated with QQ group

for the community, especially a newly developed small community, it is necessary to link the community with QQ group. Community communication is often lagging behind. And QQ communication has immediacy. The two combinations complement each other. Community activities and updates can also be immediately notified to QQ group, allowing more community members to participate. QQ group is not the more the better. It is best to build a few active QQ group, so that the forum’s active users as administrators, you can drive the exchange of forum members.

2. ranking


list is a member power forward, basically the users will have the ambition, the list can stimulate competition between you, if you do not care for the first, obviously, is a very honorable thing. Greatly satisfy the user’s spiritual needs. For example, community popular star, more friends, the more you will be recommended to be concerned, this is not only for itself member recognition, but also on the non well-known member incentive: as long as you have enough friends, you can also become a popular star.

3. encourages sharing and supporting

sharing is a function of every community, sharing can promote communication between users. Support meets the emotional needs of the user. Touched in the hands of a forum, the use of a flower props, all members of the forum to send photos and send original articles, will be flooded by a large number of flowers. Flowers are just a form of expression and approval. There are many such ways, but the representation of flowers is relatively strong. People are also very recognized at heart.

4. do activities around community figures


community can draw on popularity through activities. And activities around the community make community interaction reach a high point. Have made a move, is the story of solitaire activities. At the beginning of a story, every member of the forum can join, and then the story upstairs continues to write. The plot must have the ID of the forum members. This event makes each participant feel like a part of the forum. Have a strong sense of belonging.

when 20% of users are able to feel a sense of belonging to the community, then this community is very successful. With loyal users to drive new users, the forum community can continue to develop, so the sense of belonging is a very important part of the operation of the forum community. I hope you will find some good results in the development forum after you have read this article.


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