Centripetal force curve role of revolution of the website operation backfire

Jul 25, 2017 khmexore

website, an old topic, but on some website operators a novice webmaster, not only to learn marketing knowledge, but also to learn the SEO system technology, regardless of which one level are not in this era of scarce resources and skills will be.

yes, we understand the knowledge, technology, thinking, strategy, key occupied by each cannot do without our hearts in the invisible centripetal force.

yes, many people do not know anything about this kind of thing. The inner guiding force is to determine our operating costs and harvest happiness through our mind. Is there anything magical about this invisible line,

?Of course,

SEO thought that no ground for blame, Jane is a very wonderful bite force of revolution.

: a weak bite force dilemma

our heart is a curious about new things and willing to try a mentality, this epoch-making ignorance always makes us full of mind to a positive preference and unknown future surprise preference, we always hope that this can happen to surprise is lucky to own body, but the Internet market has the normal period, in a rotation mode that most novice webmaster will in the face of such a long time without the sweetness of hard suffering and survival status, in such a dilemma, of course, it is difficult to lasting vitality, over time, not only easy to fatigue, are more likely to give up.

and the centripetal force began to bite us, weak and can not see the future, so we are back…



curve of interest back

some SEOer webmaster, in the sight of the huge potential positive market or be a major dilemma encountered under the cruel reality, such as a certain game site in the long-term use of some white hat SEO technology, but the cycle and flow of white hat technology increasing disadvantages, this dilemma after several months of long period operation, will undoubtedly become a the major problem in this period of life, it often occurs in those who work full-time in the industry, such as the SEO of this occupation occupation seems to have entered the winter. But this doesn’t seem unusual, but is that the real reason for the industry,


is not obviously, this is not only the industry, but also the development of the industry trend, the progress of the times, this is in the interest to a proper development of the inevitable curve, but the curve of our lives and what is the relationship of


SEO Jane thought is very large, it is because of the large market changes in the pattern, so that the entire market has undergone tremendous demonstration, thus affecting the income and the survival of our state, we are the centripetal force feedback, a serious turn of interests.

anti force three: sweetness compensation


is currently targeting the market

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