Ancient Wei nine WeChat article title let readers crazy forwarding proposition rule

Jul 25, 2017 jsbaengf

many friends in my WeChat asked me, see some articles can be realized in the circle of friends crazy forwarding, how is it done?. Today, I integrate my friends’ various questions, and here we can decrypt the WeChat copywriting headlines for readers to forward crazily.


friends should know that writing a good WeChat article is the most important part of having a good title. A good title is often affecting your copy whether it can attract people, it is not easy to be remembered, your dissemination of soft Wen can be widely circulated?


marketing, user first sight is the title, if the title is not attractive, so they won’t click, users do not click, regardless of your products and services is how great, everything is 0……

WeChat article title lonely nine type:

first move: celebrity

celebrity effect, the more famous celebrity mentioned in WeChat’s title, the greater the attractiveness, this celebrity endorsement chapter on WeChat forwarding rate higher.


second recruit: dry type

sums up an area just to deliver something that is helpful and needed to the user, and the more valuable the content is, the higher the forwarding is.


The third measure: ask questions


title is a question that resonates with fans. If the right fan wants to know the answer, he clicks on it.


fourth trick: leave suspense

excited, stimulation of the language is finished, finally left the ellipsis, lead users to a series of reverie, people must click to know the. For example:


fifth recruit: strong attraction

titles usually contain " the most " and " must go to " the words such as words, these words look, people can not help clicking, first turn to say.


Sixth trick:


combines the latest hot events, holidays, seasons, titles, headlines, and issues the content in a timely manner.


seventh strokes: digital

digital generalization, people first respond to a high level of knowledge, and want to urgently know exactly what points, this type is simple and clear, but also very conducive to mobile phone reading.

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