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Jul 25, 2017 jsbaengf


it is no exaggeration to say that now you should have been all over the Chinese embarrassing, curious of the obvious success. Dennis Wan Wanda from the embarrassments encyclopedia not only find fun, it is to see the development prospects of UEO.

most of the encyclopedia is a typical UEO mode, the user experience is optimized. UEO is also a means of online marketing, but most people are now unaware of the benefits of user experience optimization. He thought, now most of the optimization is still dominated by SEO. However, according to the current market prospects and search engines continue to release various measures, UEO development prospects will be more and more impressive. Embarrassing hundred UEO also has its unique characteristics.

novel patterns, unique perspectives,


is the user experience optimization, it is certainly in the user’s point of view, most of the encyclopedia can be said to be fully grasp this feature. We can see the contents of that are facilitated by the user himself, also is the original, perhaps the interface is very simple, but this unique content and the network market is not much, so most of the encyclopedia in a few years the development of very fast, bring such well-known advertising revenue is absolutely very impressive.

user updates, in line with the Volkswagen

The promotion of

100 embarrassing is actually not very clear, but the visibility is very high. This is mainly because the content of its website is in line with the public. "Happiness builds on the suffering of others", such advertising language, signs are undoubtedly very attractive to the user’s eye.

There are a lot of 100

. These are the user password, they created. The content of the user’s autonomous and conscious updating, and different ways of expression, are very consistent with the public.

has many contents and updates fast

we do our own website to know, certain novel content can attract the user’s eye, this is why the search engine advocate original reason. More than 100 and embarrassing update every day, but also rich in content and updating frequently, who all love new things, if your website updates fast, so traffic is certainly much. That’s why modern novels and jokes are so much appreciated and loved.

UEO model, the future is impressive,

, we are doing optimization, the ultimate goal is to use traffic to bring benefits. UEO (user experience Optimization) = PV / OR (site bounce rate). This formula, I believe, knows its importance and its importance. The lower the user jump rate, the higher the page traffic, the better the user experience optimization. UEO is a way to reduce the page Jump rate and improve the site page optimization means. We can see why the rate of jump in a forum such as "stand in a row", "A5" and "outdated" is lower because it conforms to the user’s mouth

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