Pluralis uses crowdsourcing to improve landing pages

Jul 24, 2017 spiqldfx


startups Pluralis is using a 99 – Designs – style approach to dealing with a fairly practical problem – improving the conversion rate of landing pages.

generally, if businesses want to login page to attract more users to register (or consumption, or other purposes), then it must invest time and resources to re design the page, but they can have effects that might. Through Pluralis, businesses can solve this problem by Crowdsourcing way, challenge the "creative maximizer" (a kind of advertisement, including writers, designers and marketing staff), let them decide the best plan of competition.

to do this, first of all, businesses to launch a competition, the amount of reward by the merchant site conversion rate to determine the extent of promotion. (for example, the conversion rate increased by 15%, $1000 reward, 30% growth, $2000 reward, etc.). After that, the creative optimizer started improving web pages and improved on page elements such as text, images, titles, and so forth.


After the deadline for

submission, businesses can choose their most satisfying revision plan and A/B tests on these programs on the web site. If a plan is to win, it must do better than any other program, including the original design of the website. In other words, when a landing page is proved to be the best, then the game is over. And if none of the candidates can outperform the existing landing page, the merchant does not have to pay for it.

Pluralis this service is open to the public, but the project is still in turn platform company SysAid and advertising company Jottix Media and other company’s test, website conversion rate with an average of 17-27 percentage points increase.

in addition, Pluralis has received $one million in investment from Thetime and Cyhawk Ventures.

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