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Jul 14, 2017 ixhnnluq

friends often ask me: "now do what station?" I usually advise them to make less garbage station, spend more time planning for the operation of a local portal, and is particularly recommended local office website. Personal understanding, this is a local industry competition is not particularly fierce, huge space for the development of a fat, it is worth trying.

of course, do stand absolutely taboo, blindly follow the trend. First of all, you must personally like and understand the industry, and then have a certain amount of time and effort to operate. When individuals do, positive turnover, time, money or very well-off, and their understanding of commercial real estate can also be. Here is a brief talk about personal experience in operation, experts can float, I hope the novice can have some help.

1, site planning is very important: including the choice of domain name space, program design, individuals feel priority to use.Com domain name, commercial site more reflect the strength. At the same time, the space must use a good, because this kind of website later picture will be more. Plan and conceive well, the operation and promotion plan after the website is completed, absolutely cannot walk step by step. For example, when I was doing the Hangzhou commercial real estate this station, my positioning is based on the Development Zone, the development zone of the resources to do fine, and then try to expand the site to the entire urban area. Later in accordance with this idea to operate, but also really work, and now the site in the development zone has been well-known, and the benefits are also obvious. This month is also very happy, not much, a total of three ads, a total of 3900 yuan.

2, online maintenance as the focus: after the online site, the next work, the most important thing should be updated information. For an office information website, the most important thing is the authenticity and effectiveness of information. Therefore, general collection is absolutely impracticable. You need a little bit of release of real information, and you need to pay attention to the timeliness of the information, you must ensure that the information is absolutely useful. At the same time to interact with businesses, such as building a top knot, can issue a congratulatory message; for example, when shopping to see a building for lease, you can write down the contact, and then posted to the website. It’s really helpful to make sure that the information users visit on your site is really helpful.

3, offline publicity icing on the cake: Based on the special office building site, offline publicity is essential, you can combine their own network of people, publicity in the local. Last month’s propaganda campaign was a success. An office building in Hangzhou, Binjiang District, was just completed, and I immediately called on me to negotiate a final agreement. The website free of charge for the office of publicity, in their own office leasing banners printed on the CBD6 web site. The other way of cooperation is very much, it depends on individual play. Our website development can obtain the existing public praise achievement in the Hangzhou development zone now, and is inseparable with the propaganda under the line.

at present stationmaster follows the office building, workshop kind website may be a bit late, but not afraid of slow, afraid to stand

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