On the advantages and disadvantages of pseudo originality and replication of weight loss websites

Jul 14, 2017 ddmycvlj

many friends who have lost weight websites have been worried about the content of the website. In the absence of a large number of original articles, the rest is pseudo originality and duplication.

then, what about pseudo original or good copy weight reduction? I have a simple analysis for everyone:

1, do station besides interest, more is to make money in reality. And the website to make money flow is the basis for traffic comes from two aspects: adding new customers, old customers visit (mainly the search engine traffic), so to increase the flow, either with high quality content to attract customers, or optimize the skill to attract search engine, is both.

2, say replication first. Search engines like unique content. So if an article on how to lose weight, lose weight or weight loss products method the article has been reprinted one thousand times, then you go to reprint this article in the search related content is equivalent to you with 1000 of the same competition page search engine only a few front position, the difficulty of new customers so as can be imagined. Copy of the article is not conducive to the increase of the site, but due to its high readability, would be easier to retain old customers.

3, and then pseudo original. An idea that sounds great enough to satisfy the unique requirements of search engines, but at the expense of the customer experience. Moreover, it may not be able to satisfy highly intelligent search engines.

I will cite an example of the original and pseudo original of their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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!The general methods of

pseudo originality include synonyms substitution, statement reversal, example:

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statement fluency, compared to pseudo original copy, readability is much worse, will seriously reduce visitors experience. On the other hand, if we are doing such a pseudo original, you will find that the probability of collision is very large, that is to say like this, there will still be a lot of repetition, and the search engine for this so-called pseudo original is still very easy to judge. Then, according to the author’s experience summary, the article several kinds of writing according to good to bad arrangement as follows: original > copy > false original. Limited experience, inadequacies, we hope to discuss.

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