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Jul 11, 2017 nejtztqx

in A5, everyone is a master, and other aspects I don’t understand, but I feel I write in pseudo original, there are still some experience, and today to bring out to share with you.

first of all I want to say is, a lot of SEOer in that content is king, resulting in a lot of novice in constantly expanded the content of the busy life, but I through their own practice, filling content does not stop is invalid, unless you can do a very high quality of the original, and the original was the major websites so, your content is king is meaningful, and if you stand only included a home page, you should do some chain and reasonable structure, and even to do SITEMAP, rather than blindly filling content, so filling without any effect on you, this is a lot to see some novice commercial terms, in the first name of the station, there is no article or what is substance, causes in the rankings are ranked first.

many people love a lot of acquisition, acquisition of the station you actually not what benefits, if you do is pure trash, I have no opinion, but if you do not, then you’d better stop collecting a large area, because of the weight of high standing, they will increase the number of collection included. But it is clear that most people are standing weight, you are to do the wedding dress for others, you may also K engine, this K is considered cheating, once you have this situation, doomed eternally, one or two pieces of high quality original content, is the key you created.

pseudo original approach is actually very simple, mainly:

1, change the title, for example you do stand is jade industry, and your station name is stone, if you turn a post called Jade tasting the ten tips, you will find this article if you change the title, the best way is keywords, for example: the stone experts tell you how to use the ten strokes the beauty of jade, so the title of this article is the meaning of meaning, but with your LOGO, it is to change the title, not simply words, not when the engine is a fool.

2, change the content, first of all, the most important thing is to see the engine before two, but some people do false original time, the middle of a long and minute statement hard, not to pay attention to the first few, I think this is a mistake, you must first change is the first paragraph, first paragraph is changed to some degree, the article is very professional, you suddenly find yourself if the similar content is very difficult, then what do you do? I have to "ten secret" jade as an example, at the beginning of this pseudo Original: "when in online turn, often see a lot of friends in for the selection of jade distress, go if you ask them why, most of them are not to consider the price, to buy the jade, there are a few poor? But since jade is valuable, so choose the time must be more prudent, though not Everyone becomes a jade expert, but we still can pass some tips on how to complete the identification of jade, let us look at the stone.

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