What is the most profitable summer night market selling

Jul 8, 2017 hhasebcm

into the hot summer, the night market business has become increasingly popular. For many young people want to start, the night market stall cost is low, is a good way to make money, but stall what the most money? The following small series of friendship for everyone to take a look at it, to help you quickly successful venture.

shedding mobile phone film business is hot

80 in Hefei Guogou night market, mobile phone film stall Wang busy awfully, he told Xiao Bian, he here mainly sales of three kinds of film, a 10 yuan HD film, a 15 yuan matte film, there is a relatively expensive 30 yuan to 50 yuan a the colorful film. Xiao Bian observation found that within just half an hour, there are 7 customers come to the film, Wang this half an hour on the income of up to 145 yuan. When the business is good, you can earn six hundred or seven hundred yuan a day." Wang revealed that, in particular, the weekend is the most popular business, a person simply busy.

repellent small pot popular night market

summer pushing a small tricycle selling pot vendors are more and more. I mainly sell mosquito repellent, this small pot is very cheap and very practical, so very popular with the public." In the vicinity of the ocean department store selling carts Xia said.

in addition to mosquito repellent plants, all kinds of glass bottles to keep the water small plant sales are very good. Drip Guanyin 15 yuan a pot, one night to sell out of the six or seven pots." Mr. Wang said the owner, in addition to mint grass, meat plant sales are about 10 pots per day, the turnover of a stall on the evening of not less than $200.

In addition to the mobile phone film

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