How to carry out the early stage of new product development

Jun 29, 2017 kgpatmos

no matter which industry, can not always be conservative, in the current new era, the natural need for continuous innovation. Thus, almost every industry will have a new birth. However, if you want a new product after the advent of a gun, naturally also need to do a good job in the early stage of the listing. After all, the quality of new products will have a direct impact on the level of economic development. The author focuses on the early work of new products listed on several views.

Problems in

new product cultivation

market situation is not accurate. Due to the differences in the quality of marketing staff, some marketers in the market research in the lack of targeted, the results of the survey did not coincide with the real situation of the market. Business training effect is not obvious. It is mainly reflected in the new product knowledge training is too direct, often ignored the cultivation of new culture and the promotion of sustainable consumption power.

at the same time, the new knowledge in the training of a variety of simplified, this approach has the benefits of interactive communication, but because of the customer manager and customer foothold and demand side, but also affect the quality of training. New product promotion is relatively simple. Mainly manifested in the new cultural propaganda habits remain at the level of Datong, the lack of research and analysis of the object of publicity and the corresponding method of publicity, and even the emergence of propaganda content "for non seeking" phenomenon. Most of the ways of propaganda are still in the traditional way, and the modern social platform has not been fully utilized.

do a good job in the early stage of the new listing of several measures

accurate positioning to carry out market research. Through the brand promotion of industrial enterprises, grasp the characteristics of the quality, value, cultural connotation of the new listing, the initial definition of the new market and the main selling area, to determine the basic positioning of new products. To do market research, organization of the client manager on new features carry out market research, brand specifications and price range to understand the regional market tight, marketable supply, grasp the customer’s supply combination, operating characteristics and promotional habits. Familiar with the brand, price, taste, packaging and other concerns of consumers, for the introduction of new products corresponding to the market, the corresponding consumer groups to support the intervention.

focus on business training. On the one hand, in conjunction with industrial enterprises to do a good job in the training of customer managers, efforts to develop the company’s strategy, the new cultural connotation, value and brand characteristics and brand referral skills into the customer manager. To make the customer manager of the new product development planning and new highlights have a comprehensive and clear understanding of the new products into the market and the promotion of the next and lay the foundation for customer training.

on the other hand, to do the majority of customers received training, the training of the customer manager should be based on customer focus on earnings level of the new development trend, focus on new taste characteristics, target consumer groups, the market potential, the price and the value of his.

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