Xi’an’s first venture University was established

Jun 24, 2017 yulqsfbv

although the business is the dream of many people, however, want to achieve such a goal, but faced many difficulties, although we can pay the effort, but because do not understand, not enough grasp of the market, to the goal of success is also very much. And in order to help more people embark on the road of entrepreneurship, Xi’an’s first entrepreneurial university was formally established, will be able to help more entrepreneurs.

just out of the campus want to play in the entrepreneurial tide of college students who have played a good helper. The day before, the city’s first venture University formally, the first phase of entrepreneurship training and classes, which marks the city’s first venture University was formally established, can provide 13 knowledge for college students entrepreneurs (practice), qualified entrepreneurs immediately after registration for free admission.

Xi’an Business University as only a province of high level entrepreneurial university, in addition to venture capital docking, counseling, guidance, business consulting, business incubator settled, entrepreneurship competition and other online services, also provide online business services, personalized service to meet the needs of business entrepreneurs to take advantage of big data.

course is mainly to allow students to experience the problem ahead of the business is likely to encounter, so that they can make their own business in the future when the strengths and weaknesses, as far as possible detours." As the first phase of training instructors, Xi’an University of Technology School of economics teacher Duan Ganglong told reporters.

the first training class there were 52 participants, students for Xi’an university students, most of them in the school have participated in the training, teachers in the classroom the students according to the specific situation is divided into 8 groups, each group as a company, simulate the company’s business model, to expand the competition. Particularly strong sense of the scene, under the guidance of the teacher also corrected their previous understanding of the misunderstanding of entrepreneurship, harvest is quite large." A student from Shaanxi Normal University said.

reporter learned that the city next to Xi’an Business University Agency Bureau of planning for the pilot, and gradually (Beilin), in order to promote the construction of Entrepreneurial University, eventually forming the relatively complete high level entrepreneurship training system. As long as 35 years of age or above, college degree or above, Shaanxi household registration has the intention of college students (including junior students after school) can enroll in free entrepreneurship training.


said that a lot of knowledge comes from practice, however, if we can grasp the relevant theoretical knowledge, in the course of practice will benefit greatly. At the same time, once there is any problem in the entrepreneurial process, you can have the relevant entrepreneurial universities to provide help for entrepreneurs naturally benefit a lot.

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