Ma Yun said Ali listed regret

Jun 22, 2017 hhasebcm

as the Internet industry heavyweights character, Ma Yun’s every move has attracted much attention. Recently, the media broke the new Ma’s words, which implies he regretted let Ali listed. What is the matter, please see below for details.

for the owner of a company, in a day to raise more than $20 billion is an extraordinary thing, not to mention will regret that.

however, Ma has said, if you let him again, it might reconsider Ali’s record IPO. When asked why he chose to go to the market, Ma said at a luncheon at the New York Economic Club: "if I had second lives, I would keep my company private. When you IPO, life will be difficult."

however, Ma also felt sorry for Ali listed in the U.S. to add the burden of shareholders. Ma Yun also criticized the influence of independent directors on corporate culture in the United States, complaining that some of the directors’ performance in the end is often like a lawyer.

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