How to make good use of the limited space

Jun 22, 2017 jsbaengf

now a shop price is not cheap, resulting in a lot of shops are very limited area. And how to make good use of the limited space in the store, is a problem that retail owners often think about. Below, I would like to share with you my own experience, I hope to learn from you.

my shop is close to a health service organization, the daily traffic is relatively large, from the children and parents more. After repeated thinking, I put the store at intervals of two rooms facing the street of the walls and windows were removed, from top to bottom all put on a thick glass window floor, corner with Aluminum Alloy mosaic, let the store more bright.

addition, I put the store 6 originally placed wine tea shelves down to the 3 day, the new air out of the shelf near the window near the top of the complete range of children’s food, beverage, toys etc., which can attract the attention of the children. In order to further highlight the effect of the display, the edge of the glass I also surrounded by a circle of neon lights.

in order to make better use of business space, I also got a white screen put it firmly placed at the top of the landing glass window on the ceiling in the net on the edge of a few plastic series on the vine, the decoration in space at the same time, also the glow of green life. The new style of the toy can settle down in this online "".


does not spend much effort and money to transform, but the effect is very obvious. So, after some transformation of my store, the image of the entire store a new look, this three-dimensional image of the show immediately attracted the attention of children and parents, the store’s popularity is also suddenly flourishing.

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