Huaining to build a grid Party group help poverty alleviation

Jun 21, 2017 ixhnnluq

although the economy in the rapid development, there are many areas of people’s living standard has been greatly improved, but in real life, there are still many areas of people’s living level is relatively backward, so the poor become a thing has a long way to go. Huaining adhere to the party building to promote poverty alleviation, through the establishment of the grid Party group to better focus on Party members, give full play to the party members in the fight against poverty in the vanguard and exemplary role.

organizational settings seamless. To the village (community) as a unit, according to the distribution of natural villages, with the number of Party members and the structure of each village (community) is divided into several grids; each grid to build a party group, by the advanced Party member in the grid as party leader of the group, to achieve full coverage of Party group, to ensure that each grid has the party organization and every Party member in the grid, and arranged a township and village (community) cadres as the grid Party group instructor. Currently, the county village (community) a total of more than 1 thousand and 760 sets of grid party group.

daily management standardization. Each grid Party group to set up a party group activity center, standardized learning, management, service and other systems. The establishment of Party members information card, gathering the basic conditions of the party members, interests, expertise, willingness to serve and other information, to provide a basis for the grid Party group to help contact the party members. The party linked to helping poor households, as an important content, assessment of the star rating of Party members and an important basis for the first selection.

Huaining county to build the grid Party group, help out of poverty, with the deepening of the pace of poverty, for the promotion of local economic development is a certain benefit. According to the party’s own wishes and personal expertise, each corresponding to the 1 contact helping 2 poor households, to help solve production capital, employment, education, medical care and other practical problems, do not contact helping poor households out of poverty, not decoupling". In order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of assistance, the implementation of the listing help, public commitment, helping documentary and other systems, members of the party can not solve the problem, in a timely manner to reflect the party organization, coordination and help solve. This year, the county grid members has help poverty door to do practical work, problem-solving more than 19 thousand.

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