Qian Jundong is a group of young people who do poineering work

Jun 18, 2017 hhasebcm

a lot of people are saying that graduation is equal to unemployment, so, for today’s young people, the university is no longer proud of the matter. In 2000, the money toshifuyu holding the admission notice of Chang’an University, did not mind excited. Thousands of dollars in tuition pressure in his heart, he signed up in the team again and again to the end of the team, not enough money in his pocket.

" at this time, only to open the field of vision, found that college media is a good starting point. " " in his care, three of us are walking together for the campus information service center " established, mainly to provide tutoring information, phone card sales and other services for college students. He and his companions became the envy of the campus " the millionaire ". When Qian Jundong began to meet in the campus of chipping away the he believes, to the society to Chuang also earn money. < >

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