We need to master the art of doing business

Jun 17, 2017 ixhnnluq

in our retail operations, the recommendation is actually an art, a transaction can be successful, to a large extent, and the art of our recommendation. Therefore, we should stand in the customer’s point of view, rather than just stand in the owner’s point of view, learn to transform angle is also a marketing art.

once a customer to the store to buy a brand of ice cream, but our supermarkets do not, I would like to recommend a new ice cream to her, I said to her: "Oh, who now have the kind of old-fashioned ice cream? You see I have here, a variety of, which is not better than the kind you choose? You look at this taste is very good, I often eat this……" Before I could finish my words, I could see that she was unhappy. She was so gloomy that she left without buying anything. Later, I did not go to the supermarket to buy things. I don’t know what I did wrong, and then I told my friend about it.

friend said to me: "this is your fault, I will be angry to do, I will not go to your house to buy things. You think about it, you say that people want to buy something old, does not mean that people do not taste, can not keep up with the pace of the times, you say people can be happy? You have no respect for others……" After listening to her words, I suddenly realized, no wonder she never came to the door? Originally, I was wrong. Many examples like this, I do not know how many customers offended, no wonder my supermarket customers less?

later, after careful reflection, I gradually realized the importance of recommendation. Most of the time, we have to pay attention to art, otherwise we can only get more customers. I read some books, but also to learn a lot of predecessors, and gradually learned to skillfully recommend.

once a customer to buy cigarettes, but that a stock to buy him, and I don’t want to disappoint him, asked him to recommend a new cigarette: "eldest brother, unfortunately, the cigarette sales you are particularly large, customers love. What else was there yesterday? Today is out of stock, if you call me good, I leave you up."

my words immediately let the brother warm heart, he saw some feel shy, so I Strike while the iron is hot. ground says: "you have come, I will not let you Baipaoyitang! I have a cigarette is just listed, many people do not understand, this cigarette is very grade, grade is very high, very suitable for you!" With the previous foreshadowing plus my publicity and praise to him, he would like to buy will be embarrassed. So it was easy for me to make the deal.

is so from the customer’s point of view, speak a lot for customers to consider, the customer listened to the heart feel very comfortable. Gradually, more and more customers in my supermarket, customers say that I am a good person, they are particularly good for me, in fact

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