Paint dealers want to make money to look at it

Jun 14, 2017 kpzhojlh

coating is an essential material for decoration, the market demand for paint is a hot investment. However, there are a lot of paint dealers feel that their business is not good, this is why? In fact, the market has been, in addition to the impact of outside factors, the problem is to identify the development of paint dealers hinder their own development is the key.

1, first of all, their own and the new era of change derailment. Change of business forms, the dealer function changes, while the vast majority of dealers do not completely keep up with a new round of business the pace of change, the traditional wholesale market has gradually disappeared, flat channels and network become the mainstream of new channels.

2, then paint dealers content with staying where one is the lack of awareness of innovation. With the paint Market heyday in the past, many dealers are still waiting for the home user, not the company’s business management awareness and brand awareness, in terminal maintenance, lack of awareness of innovation and investment capacity and operating strategy.

above two delay paint dealers to riches footsteps. So, in the new market environment, how to do a profitable paint dealers?

1, look at the global

2, training will make money thinking

3, eating alone difficult fat

if you are a paint dealer, you want to find the root of their shops in the doldrums at first, and then to be able to solve the problem. Paint dealers should look at the overall situation, not only to make money and make money, to cultivate "will make money" thinking, but also a win-win mentality.

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