What are the potential new industries

Jun 14, 2017 lqqehqsj

what business is good now? What is the most competitive market? With more and more people to join the ranks of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, only the emerging potential of large projects, to seize the market to seize the opportunity! So what are the potential of the emerging industries?

the huge potential of the emerging industry: Tourism and leisure development

with frequent holiday travel, according to the international tourism organization, Chinese tourism industry with an average annual growth rate will reach 8.5%, ranking third in the world. The rapid development of tourism industry can promote the development of more than and 10 direct and indirect related industries, such as tourism supporting industry, catering service industry, national small craft industry and so on.

the huge potential of the emerging industry: Bridge

the marriage need to choose in the transportation more convenient, at the same time, but also has a relatively complete database, zhenghunzhe information including basic information, photos, web service as the extension of service matchmaking. Open a package for marriage is in fact, promising career, in addition to matchmaking, can impart courtship and provide express service, improve the success rate of love work can expand, matchmaker made marriage and have a lot of work to do, wedding accessories, wedding gifts, wedding photo, wedding banquet no, the real wedding day wedding, marriage and marriage car; after the success of the family was born can provide domestic training, nanny helper, or help the different people troubleshoot release to send warmth for married life was not a happy man. Wedding anniversary activities will develop at any time of the day and gradually prosperous, the service package shall accept this service work. In the end, it is best to engage in a joint venture in the marriage package service industry, and may wish to borrow from the general practice of tourism.

the huge potential of the emerging industry: Men’s underwear

said the woman Qian Haozhuan, most clothing manufacturers and businesses will be the main energy input to the female market, the male market has been in a neglected state. The blind area of many foreign manufacturers targeting the mainland market, vigorously seize the city often through their investigation, that modern men bear greater pressure, plus the reason for male shopping psychology, they entered the mall when the goal is clear, is not willing to waste a lot of time to find you want to buy items.


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