Selection of clothing brands should pay attention to two major details

Jun 13, 2017 fuhunxpj

for entrepreneurs to join the garment industry must choose a strong advantage and value of the brand, a good brand can bring a lot of loyal customers, Chinese consumer psychology are influenced by the brand culture, the need to pay attention to the following two points.


The selection of clothing brands to join the

on the production cost, to explore from the direct source of production. If the production of a brand can achieve intensive and scale, the production cost is low. Investigation of operating costs, the most direct manifestation of a brand is the distributor’s regular operations support. A good brand can always provide a lot of support from the strategy to the material for its distributors, so easy to operate distributors, operating costs significantly reduced.

brand historyOn the foundation of the brand, brand

in the choice to join entrepreneurs when the brand must be careful, because if the franchise is a no brand value of the clothing brand that is equal to the loss of a franchise fee, because is not to mention the benefits of no market value so there is no consumers to buy, so must choose the real value of the brand.


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