Sichuan business director enhance the core competitiveness of electricity providers with innovation

Jun 13, 2017 nejtztqx

China’s electricity supplier industry has developed rapidly, in recent years, the eleven consecutive rise in sales so that many people want to jump into the leap into the prosperity of the market competition. Sichuan province is actively creating a good business environment, creating a Midwest electricity supplier innovation and entrepreneurship center.

now popular "Internet plus", and we have emphasized "+ internet". In the post, is passively waiting for the big brother IT to open the door to the market. And we are taking the initiative to strengthen policy planning, mechanism construction, environmental construction, team building, the initiative to optimize the supporting system, more and more to meet the new needs of consumption patterns and techniques to take root.

to create an ideal national entrepreneurship. Chengdu cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area of the country, electricity providers to help the poor, mobile electricity providers, cross-border integration of collaborative development has become the main direction of the development of electricity providers in Sichuan, Sichuan electricity supplier development space is infinite, the stage is more broad.

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