Quanzhou rely on the marketing model of the local property market outlook

Jun 13, 2017 yulqsfbv

in our daily life, real estate is all life events, especially in today’s high prices, a lot of people do the slave is a common thing. Recently, the media reported the continuous Xiamen customers to buy fire Quanzhou property market, cannot do without Quanzhou real estate developers and intermediary agents in different "wide net + High Commission" marketing mode in waves, but also caused a lot of problems and complaints. Herald reporter learned that, in view of this phenomenon, the day before the Xiamen Real Estate Industry Association issued a prompt to remind the member foreign agent in the risk guard, and standardize business practices.

look bad local desire to buy is not strong

wide net + High Commission "marketing model reminders fire Quanzhou property market, Quanzhou property market prospects how? Xiamen Huayong property manager Zhong Guofa that Quanzhou price stability in recent years, and the supply of inventory," local high income, the Quanzhou real estate of the local people is not universal attractive, because the property market in recent years has been tepid." Zhong Guofa said, in such a strong desire to buy local and inventories high, second-hand housing market is not active, not because it took off to buy a house intermediary dial to change the status quo of the existence of these objective fundamentally, the investment recovery period will be longer".

appears in the Zhong Guofa, Quanzhou property market is more follow Xiamen’s pace, and has a certain lag, "Xiamen property market after the fire Quanzhou property fire, but in the current strong regulatory policy, once the Xiamen property market continued to slump, the lack of leading role, Quanzhou city building will also encounter the same situation."

insiders also said that the current corner of the United States, Zhangzhou port, for example, although prices rose up, but the second-hand housing is still a price without the city, I am afraid that Quanzhou will do so, do not want to make money so easy".

Herald reporter found in the interview process, a lot of people in Quanzhou, Quanzhou property market is incredible. Quanzhou is a big house, we run from a house in the city to another city to buy a house, in fact, is a cheap investment ideas." Quanzhou people working in Xiamen, Mr. Lu said, really worried about those who buy the house in Quanzhou, who in the end to pick up their disk.

optimistic about the prospects for investment appreciation exists

however, the investment and development space for the property market in Quanzhou, there are many people optimistic. Chairman of the association, Xiamen City real estate broker Biermann real estate manager Fu Qiang believes that the current customer agency brought visitors to Quanzhou showings, many investors also have some experience, these people for investment judgment, "the public mind a hot buy Quanzhou house and regret, but there are also investment it is to see the Quanzhou appreciation of space".

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