Nantong to raise venture capital loans to 500 thousand yuan

Jun 4, 2017 ocypcrog

to greater efforts to support entrepreneurship, and encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment, the day before, Jiangsu Nantong introduced a new policy to provide loans to entrepreneurs, and improve business loans to 500 thousand yuan.

in order to stimulate new economic momentum, recently, the Nantong municipal government issued a series of policies and measures to further do a good job in the new situation of employment and entrepreneurship work. Compared to the past, the new policy support larger, wider coverage, like high-tech patent project business loans, will increase from 200 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan; the normal operation of more than 1 years of start-ups can also get subsidies of 10 thousand yuan per year.

home textile designer clock has four or five years of experience, last month, he and a few like-minded friends, settled in Nantong science and technology in the public space of Career Academy Innovation Park, began to start their own business. They named their design company "flower collection".

innovation park is the city’s first municipal public record space, here, you only need to spend 280 dollars a month, you can get a bag in the station, open office. Low cost, a full range of services, attracting more than and 200 small bell like entrepreneurial team engaged in the design, IT, cross-border electricity providers and other fields of entrepreneurship.

according to the newly introduced policies, such as small bell start-up companies, if able to operate normally for more than 1 years, you can get a one-time subsidy of $10 thousand for rent, broadband and other expenses. And innovation park such as the creation of public space, every successful incubation of 1 companies, you can get a reward of $3000. To reach the level above the city level demonstration base, you can get 200 thousand yuan reward.

in addition, to encourage enterprises to attract more college students employment, enterprises to absorb employment difficulties of college students, to enjoy employment subsidies and social security subsidies, no longer subject to the new recruit college graduates of the year limit.

to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial high-tech patent project loans increased to 500 thousand yuan; one-time start-up subsidies increased to 5000 yuan; the success of entrepreneurship employment incentives to improve the one-time two thousand yuan per person, and the number of awards is not capped.

new deal also encourages all types of Vocational Colleges and universities to graduate employment in Nantong, graduates in the local enterprises to stabilize employment for more than 3 months, the reward of $1 thousand per person.

in addition, the new policy of employment Nantong new graduates are also encouraged to work in Nantong, in the local employment for more than 3 months, no one will be given 1000 yuan reward, compared to the past, strengthen the policy support.

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