Non graduate employment or entrepreneurship highest enjoy 800 yuan per month rental subsidies

May 31, 2017 hhasebcm

each place for college students have different degrees of preferential policies, then, is not the local university students in Shenyang will have different treatment? What are the different treatment?



entrepreneurship guidance office

    according to the "Shenyang city human resources and Social Security Bureau and other nine units on the implementation of Shenyang City, students start to lead the program of the notice", "Shenyang Municipal People’s Government on further employment work well under the new situation of the implementation of views" documentation requirements, to not enter the incubator base (Park), rental space. The first independent venture (referring to first obtain a business license for college graduates to give every year 6000 yuan) business site subsidies (which families of students according to the annual 10 thousand yuan subsidies), subsidies for a period of not more than 2 years.

subsidies for domestic students, University graduate college graduates in 3 years and abroad (border) returnees.

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