How to carry out the replenishment

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shop to do business, there is a need to fill the sale, which involves a store replenishment problem. However, for the current number of shopkeepers, replenishment is also faced with many difficulties. So, how to open a shoe store replenishment? And let Xiaobian to explain in detail for you.

how to order and how to replenish, become a shoe store operators to fully grasp an important ability.

in this article, mainly on the sales process of the production of a discussion on the issue of replenishment.

type of replenishment operation

store business in the state, because from the sales of inventory shortage, it should be to Fulian or corporation replenishment to support sales. In general, there are several Replenishment:

1, the normal sales Replenishment: the sale of the stock shortage to fill up, to ensure that the goods Qi Qi qi. The normal sales is not the replenishment time, when there is a shortage in single inventory should be replenishment, replenishment quantity to ensure adequate sales slightly better. Such as A goods orders (or the first shipment) when the number is as follows: 35 yards, double, 36 yards and 4 pairs, 37 yards and 4 pairs, 38 yards and 2 pairs, 39 yards and 1 pairs. After a few days of sales, 36 yards and no more than 38 yards, then the number of replenishment can be shipped in the first part of the plus part of the number, the missing code completed.

2, prepare sales Replenishment: for the upcoming sales peak, advance to the company replenishment, in order to ensure that there is sufficient supply during the peak sales, support high sales. Generally speaking, there are several kinds of sales peaks: May Day, eleven golden week, Christmas day, Valentine’s day, new year and so on. Replenishment time to 10 days before the arrival of the peak period of sale (the specific time to be shipped from the company to the store time). Replenishment quantity should be based on the sale of goods to reflect the situation in order to ensure that a week of sales is appropriate.

3, regular replenishment: Generally speaking, every Saturday and Sunday is a relatively good period of sales, in order to ensure that the goods within two days of the attractiveness of customers, regular replenishment, regular new goods on the best way to become. Periodic replenishment also includes the meaning of new goods on a regular basis. According to the time of shipment from the head office to the store, replenishment to the head office regularly, in order to ensure that the replenishment of goods and new goods can arrive in the shop every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to stimulate sales.

two, the number of replenishment optimization

in the replenishment operation, the focus is on how to optimize the control of the number of replenishment, to ensure that sales at the same time, does not cause too much inventory.

1, the ratio between the number of code:

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