Jingdong shop process does not look at regret

May 30, 2017 spiqldfx

Jingdong mall is a very well-known integrated online shopping malls, widely recognized by consumers. Many of my friends want to shop in the mall Jingdong, Jingdong shop for the process is also very concerned about. The following small series to introduce Jingdong shop process.

Jingdong into the Jingdong shop process: Mall page, put the mouse to the bottom, click on the "merchants settled". Click in, and then click "I want to settle down". If you do not log in Jingdong account, the system will require you to log on to the account, no account of a friend to register an account. Take a closer look at the agreement, no problem, then click to agree to the next step. Fill in the information of your company (including the materials of your business license), the certification materials, etc.. Step by step according to tips. Finally, the system for you to review, there should be a manager to call you, or the manager to find you. As long as there is no problem, you can successfully settled.


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