Success rate of more than eighty percent of entrepreneurial projects

May 29, 2017 tvsbpdsa

education is the top priority of the country, in the face of the vigorous development of various industries, the education industry is also hidden business opportunities have not been excavated? The answer is yes. Investment in the education industry to start a training institution will bring unexpected gains for investors!

for the education and training industry, the financial crisis actually played a role in the run-up. In order to enhance the competitiveness of employment, to find a good job, more and more people choose to education and training institutions to study. From the capital market, 2008 is a good year for the education and training industry. Relevant survey data show that in 2006 Chinese only accounted for the entire education online education and training market in 5% to 2008, its share has risen to 10%, experts predict that the trend of distance education market will continue to rise in the future, the average annual growth rate even reached 40%.

any phenomenon as long as there is overheating, bubble, but people risk investment and education training enterprises but most believe that the education sector is no bubble. Saif partners Yangdong Investment Fund believes that the education and training industry due to the development characteristics of constraints, such as teacher posts after training, the relatively slow pace of development, need long-term and stable investment will have a return.


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