2012 most profitable industries in the ten

May 29, 2017 hhasebcm

2012 is coming soon, many entrepreneurs are now ready to, I hope to be able to usher in a good start in the new year, but 2012 in the end what the project can easily start, but people are not very understanding, below small and we explore this problem.

1 Environmental Engineer


120 thousand in annual revenue to 150 thousand yuan

with the international insurance giant market and the needs of domestic enterprises in Chinese, actuary is one of the hottest insurance industry after several years of talent, the average annual salary of $100 thousand in foreign countries, the current monthly salary is 10 thousand yuan or more. After 2012, with the strengthening of people’s awareness of insurance, the rise of the insurance industry will need more actuaries. It is predicted that the annual income should be 120 thousand yuan to $150 thousand.


"WTO", the rapid growth of China’s foreign trade has increased demand for declaration. According to the Chinese talent network, Zhaopin data show that the current monthly income of 5000 yuan to the customs broker between $8000 to $seven thousand or eight thousand in the current trade in the Pearl River Delta region customs broker monthly salary of $.

in 60 thousand yuan

"medical college graduate students have three way to go, one is to enter the hospital, emergency physician, obstetrician, gynecologist, pediatrician and ophthalmologists, dentists and naturopathic physicians will be very popular; the two is to enter the medicine production and circulation enterprises; three is to continue to build deep." Sun Zhuo, director of campus network, said the industry’s special

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