Glasses shop should choose domestic equipment or foreign equipment

May 29, 2017 yulqsfbv

talking about the glasses industry, for many people, the idea is perhaps lucrative return. Indeed, open shop is to make money, however, to open an optical shop, many involving things like the location to purchase, renovation, and so on, the purchase will include two aspects of glasses eyewear products and equipment, today and you talk about the glasses equipment problems.

glasses shop equipment including equipment and instruments are mainly automatic computer optometry, automatic computer vision milling machine, projector, keratometer, slit lamp and multifunctional automatic Lensmeter, optometry Taiwan, the center of the lens combination instrument, scanner, washer, lensometer, slotting machine, insert box drilling machine, etc..

is now the majority of the use of optical shops are domestic equipment, because domestic equipment is not only cheap, but the quality is no problem. Some people think that the use of domestic equipment is not a bad optometry ah? Assembly is not wrong? In fact, the emergence of these problems, most of the equipment is not the fault, are generally man-made technical reasons. Such as optometry glasses technique is not qualified, not in place.

so, we can not deny that a lot of foreign glasses equipment is indeed more advanced, but does not mean that there is a quality problem in the domestic glasses shop. Some of the above defects, is a technical problem. So, if you learn the relevant technology, open an optical shop, whether it is domestic or foreign equipment equipment, in fact, are feasible.

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