British students will be affected by the removal of China

May 18, 2017 cyxnjljp

2016 after the college entrance examination, the occurrence of a global thing is very important, that is, the formal removal of europe. This is enough to attract the attention of every country in the world, after all, it has a very different role in the global economic development. So, the United Kingdom from Europe, Chinese students will be affected?

last week, the high-profile British referendum in Europe, the final result – off Optima win, the United Kingdom from the EU, and the EU for 43 years of marriage ended. Just recently China college entrance examination results, it is considered an important juncture of many families to send their children to study in Britain, and over the years has been ranked Chinese students the most popular destination for the forefront.

this, has been living in the UK to study, as well as being ready to study in Britain, small partners sit still. The United Kingdom from the EU, not only has a great impact on the British economy, the inevitable changes and adjustments will affect the choice of Chinese students studying in East asia. Is it a blessing or a curse? The first time the experts to analyze the students.

affects 1

exchange rate fell, prices rose

recently went to the UK to study tuition is very good, seize the time for the pound

since the referendum began to announce the results of the euro, sterling exchange rate continued to fall sharply, reaching its lowest point in 30 years, the RMB exchange rate was up to 1:8.9. For foreign students, the most direct impact is to reduce the cost of the pound to reduce the cost of studying abroad.

Eic UK product director Xian Yuxuan for simple calculations to students: Undergraduate in the UK for example, usually spends 300 thousand yuan (tuition + living expenses), according to 10%-15%’s back in Europe after the devaluation of the pound exchange rate, a year can save about 50 thousand yuan. Undergraduate three years plus a graduate student can save $200 thousand. If you go from high school to study in the UK, it can save more than 300 thousand yuan."

on the exchange rate, amber education Guangzhou branch of the Commonwealth Project Manager Chen Jianqian believes that the short term exchange rate fell, but long-term volatility will increase, British students or are preparing to go to England to study students grasp this opportunity to swap.

but at the same time, the cost of living, the cost of living will inevitably increase. According to data released by the UK Treasury, the loss of the EU’s largest trading partner, the United Kingdom in 2030 before the national income will be reduced by 30%. This part of the loss can only be obtained by raising prices and other means from the pockets of taxpayers. Coupled with the devaluation of the pound and other economic reasons, the price should rise after the overall rise in europe. In other words, although the exchange rate is reduced, prices have to rise, the cost of living will be higher than the high water recommended

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