Future post office into a good business projects

May 11, 2017 nwrziqha

for the sake of, always can not be measured, and people have infinite expectations, so the future business began to become a business opportunity. In fact, about the future of this project in the post office long ago heard, the article also seen many, but all are only in very few words, the real implementation of the small series here to bring you a real example.

2020 one day, when you open the mailbox, you may find that there is a letter from 2010, the letter may be a friend of that year, or the year of their own…… Reporter recently found a shop in Guangzhou street, Tianhe District road five, launched a "Macross" slow delivery service, the customer to write a letter, any time can ask the store in the next 30 years and now send lover, future son or after 30 years of self.

for postage, the owner will keep time to receive the deposit fee and the postage will send out within 2010 according to the received 15 yuan, until 2011 to 2012, received 20 yuan deposit 25 yuan…… And so on。 In addition, customers also need to pay the postage, mail is 5 yuan, 10 yuan to express.

A customer concerns private letter will be lost,

the slow express in today all the pursuit of a speed of the society is undoubtedly a new horizon, when people bring a novelty at the same time, they will also want to try, so many people will choose the future of the post office, which will bring it into a good business opportunities really good.

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