Chengdu will try to register the enterprise cluster can not operate without a fixed place

Apr 30, 2017 isjscowe

Chengdu has always attached importance to the development of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship, and launched a number of intimate support. Recently, the Chengdu trade and Industry Bureau said, or will be in Chengdu to try to reduce the cost of enterprise cluster registration and entrepreneurship, so that once again lowered the threshold of entrepreneurship.

12 16, reporters from Chengdu city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the city of Chengdu has been issued on the support Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation and development advice, will pilot enterprise cluster registration mode, in the future, Small and micro businesses without a fixed office or business premises to carry out business activities. Less office space rental costs, entrepreneurship will be easier.

cluster registration, refers to a number of enterprises to a custodian’s residence (business premises) address as the corporate domicile registration, and the custodian to provide shelter to managed services, registration form mode of enterprise cluster development.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered in Chengdu City branch secretary Huang Weixin said, the enterprise cluster is "registered according to a multi site" upgrade ", breaking the fixed office or place of business registration to the obstacles to the promotion of College Students’ Entrepreneurship especially has the positive significance of e-commerce, Internet trade, scientific research, industry employment and entrepreneurship also, is conducive to the further release of business space.

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