Female college students to carry out the amazing effect of paper art

Apr 21, 2017 cyxnjljp

derivative paper art this term is not necessarily how many people know, but there is such a college student, with a paper knife, cut out their wealth of life. Today, together with Xiao Bian into such a story, let us look at her entrepreneurial process.

send graduation ceremony and Yan paper met

"because it is the first time, so spent a whole day to make, at that time did not know what to do when the glue, also don’t know how to make paper stand up." He Wenyuan told reporters in Nandu.

because the meeting this time with Yan paper, let He Wenyuan go.

"Yan paper bother, need to be patient when there are classmates in Nong (Yan paper), but some did not stick to it." He Wenyuan said, derivative paper technology is simple, the operation is cumbersome and complex. The time to complete a work usually depends on the complexity of the work, a few hours short, a few days long, requires great patience and concentration.

"I love Yan paper, but did not reach the degree of madness." He Wenyuan said with a smile, she did not spend too much time on it, but when there is time to make.

what Wenyuan received in July to work in the library of Xiaolan classmates call, learned that the library has a "love" in August 24th, in addition to rubber stamp, she also want to share love Yan paper art school children.

"I sometimes send some pictures with Yan paper crafts in the circle of friends, friends help in publicity, will also have a part to buy." He Wenyuan in Nandu

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