Entrepreneurs how to go on the road to go on longer

Apr 20, 2017 lqqehqsj

every walk on the road of entrepreneurship people want their career can go longer, so that they can have the possibility of growing and development, but it is not an easy thing, let’s see, how to make the road of entrepreneurship for a long time.

The Living Company in common: their success is never based on individual, but by a mysterious factors, can let the organization through time and space, life and individual ability breakthrough the limitations of the wisdom of the organization. Organizational wisdom opened the mystery of the longevity of the enterprise, providing the Lost Hero era of domestic enterprises to pursue the secret of evergreen.

if asked, Nestle company has what products? Most people will blurt out: Nestle coffee, Nestle chocolate, Nestle milk powder, Nestle cereal…… In fact, a cup of Nestle coffee has also become the most business people in a day of work in the habit of action.

genius would work wonders for the enterprise, but also capable, will bring many uncertainties to the development of enterprises. Because a good character will certainly promote the business operation thus flourished, but also because of the development of enterprise talents loss caused by stagnation and decline, even if some buildings collapsed overnight.

, Polaroid Enron, Kemat, global telecom, Hongta group…… Once these super giant all-powerful became "Domino to fall.

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