Shanghai court announced the black horse refund prepaid membership fee fitness

Apr 17, 2017 zlxsfutf

a lot of people will be troubled by a variety of cards, in Shanghai, the black horse fitness hall must know. Allow consumers to advance consumer spending, so many members can not accept. Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee jointly organized by the Changning District Consumer Protection Commission launched the first case to support consumer class action. After the two trial, the Changning Court on December 30th to support the decision to return the consumer prepaid membership fee litigation claims.

prepaid consumption has been the focus of consumer complaints in recent years. The fitness service of prepaid consumer complaints increased significantly, part of the business facilities in place, Chengnuobuduixian, even without qualification card, closed volume run away and other issues, sparked a series of mass consumer disputes. Data show that in 2014, Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee accepted the complaint 7706; in 2015 was 8178, an increase of nearly 10%; in 2016, the admissibility of the 6520, the volume of complaints has been high.

2016 since June, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee on consumer complaints received Shanghai New Austrian sports development Co. Ltd. (Changning Black Horse International Fitness store) swimming fitness facilities are not in place, and refused to refund the prepaid membership fee of 26 complaints, involving nearly 120 thousand yuan. In mid August, Changning District Consumer Protection Committee, market regulation, sports, health, culture and law enforcement departments jointly interviewed the company.

requirements in accordance with the laws and regulations of the transformation of fitness venues, swimming as soon as possible, the legal representative of the company promised, if still unable to open the pool in September 15th, will be returned to the consumer card. But the company did not implement the rectification, and refused to refund, and still released the swimming fitness service ads. October 11th, the Shanghai municipal consumer protection committee once again publicly interviewed the company, the person in charge is still in every possible way to shirk responsibility, and said to allow consumers to resolve through judicial channels. So far, the black horse Changning shop does not have the ability to provide the performance of the pool, there is no initiative to resolve the positive attitude of consumer disputes, mediation to resolve consumer disputes is impossible.

through the Shanghai city court hearing, black horse fitness clubs need to pay more dues. The delay the performance of the main debt, after being urged by the consumer reasonable yet to fulfill the relevant provisions, the court on the basis of the "contract law" and "consumer protection law", ordered the plaintiff and the defendant to a "membership contract" released on November 22nd, the return of the plaintiff paid membership fee, case acceptance fee shall be borne by the defendant.

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