Cultivating and carrying forward the spirit of promoting the scientific development of the county

Apr 12, 2017 tvsbpdsa

– Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Party committee of the fourteen plenary meeting of the held in


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8 2, Datong County Organization held a plenary meeting of the county’s fourteen plenary session of the four. The meeting conveyed to learn the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao leading cadres at provincial and ministerial level seminar opening ceremony, the spirit of the twelfth provincial Party Congress and municipal Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the five session of the spirit, review and sum up the first half of 2012 working arrangements for the second half of the work task. A total of 190 people attended the meeting. Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang presided over the meeting and made an important speech. Deputy Secretary of the county committee, county Han Shengcai on behalf of the county Party committee made arrangements for the deployment.

Yan Shujiang pointed out that implementing the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao, provincial Party Congress spirit and municipal plenary meeting spirit, to study and grasp the development of the situation, do a good job in the second half of the year, has an important guiding significance to the future development of the scientific planning. Party organizations at all levels to study, publicize and implement the general secretary Hu Jintao important speech, the province party spirit and municipal plenary meeting spirit as an important political task of the current and future periods, quickly set off the upsurge of learning, especially in accordance with the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee to implement the provincial party spirit division scheme, the the construction of "two new" goals, to promote the "three zone" strategy, and combined with the Department, the actual work of the unit, control early goals and tasks, earnestly work to ensure the completion of the second half of the year, and strive to exceed the annual objectives and tasks.

in the first half of this year, Datong County adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, focus on the work of thinking at the beginning of the year and the goal, and actively respond to various unfavorable factors, to seek development in the crisis, seeking a breakthrough in the face of adversity, to ensure the smooth development of the county’s economic and social undertakings. There are nine characteristics: first, the project is fully carried out, two is the agricultural solid progress, three is the steady growth in the industrial economy, four is the third industry development momentum is good, five is the pace of urban construction accelerated, six is the ecological environment construction is significant, seven social undertakings, eight is to gradually increase the level of social security nine, is the overall situation of social harmony and stability. The first half of the year, GDP of 4 billion 390 million yuan, an increase of 12.5%; the county completed investment in fixed assets 2 billion 10 million yuan, an increase of 31.6%; the completion of the local general budget revenue 228 million yuan, an increase of 20.9%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 6753.4 yuan, an increase of 7.3%; complete the per capita cash income of farmers 3500.8 yuan, an increase of 18.2%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 550 million yuan, an increase of 16.1%.

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