Lake race will be opened in the Lake Lake Sports Center

Apr 12, 2017 cyxnjljp

twelfth Lake race will be held in the city’s new sports center in the sea lake grand opening. In June 18th, the municipal government held a special meeting to study the deployment of the work and the opening ceremony of Xining Lake Race criterium.

it is understood that the lake race will be held from July 7th to July 20th. At 10:30 on July 7th, the opening ceremony of the lake will be held in the new Lake Lake Sports Center platform. 10:58 at the opening ceremony, Twelfth Lake race start of the race, the race route started from the south side of the Lake District Sports Center, and along the road, Yuen Road, Haiyan Road, victory road, 54 bridge, the Yangtze River Road, West Main Street, 54 West Road, Cold Lake Road, silver Street, underground passage, tulip Ling Road, finally back to the Lake District Sports center. In July 8th the second stage of mutual aid to Guide after the game, will cross a road, Kunlun Nanjing Road, West Tower high-speed road. In order to fully display the great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining "regional characteristics and national characteristics, the Lake Race platform to further promote and showcase the image of Xining, the summer capital of Xining to improve the visibility and influence, at the same time to ensure that the event successfully, the city has established a special Xining preparatory events work leading group, responsible for the programme of work the opening ceremony and Xining criterium and emergency plan, a clear division of labor, refine the responsibility, do logistics, security and transportation security for the event, and street lighting, atmosphere of work, and actively use the opportunity of the tournament organized by the lake, commerce, tourism, sports organization activities in the Xining area, showing the economic and social development in Xining. Washington (reporter Ge Wenrong)


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