Four Ping An building to promote the province’s traffic stability

Apr 11, 2017 tvsbpdsa

March 27th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, in order to solve the problems affecting the traffic system in our province is stable, effective control of risk and stable transportation system, transportation system in our province this year will continue to carry out peace building four. It is reported that four
, the so-called peace building refers to the national and provincial trunk highways, rural roads to carry out safe road construction; station to carry out safe station construction in the province at all levels of passenger car; in the navigable waters to carry out safe tunnel construction in rural and pastoral areas; "ferry terminal to carry out safe dock construction.
– safe roads: national and provincial trunk highway, rural roads as the focus, according to the accident black spots, adding anti-collision facilities and traffic signs, the investigation of safety facilities in the province’s national and provincial trunk highway, county road damage, signage, the defect of the guardrail, supporting pier replacement repair timely, perfect highway bridge maintenance and emergency plan, strengthen the bridge maintenance supervision.
– Ping Station: timely investigation and rectification of all kinds of security risks, strengthen passenger car safety facilities construction, establish and improve the public security system, equipped with the necessary equipment safety inspection, to further standardize the passenger safety and routine inspection station inspection system.
– safe channel: take a variety of forms to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, strengthening the roadway of administrative law enforcement, strict implementation of waterway inspection system, timely investigation of illegal behavior, to ensure prevention and strengthening aids effectively play the role of bad weather and flood forecasting.
– safe dock: regularly carry out from the port safety inspection and special inspection, solve problems, eliminate hidden dangers, highlight the important period of the festival to strengthen the security check, the tourist season and flood season, summer safety inspection, to crack down on various illegal acts on water.

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