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Apr 11, 2017 ocypcrog

July 24th, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the United Front Work Department Minister Dorje Geltan, deputy secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department deputy director Zhang Yue a line of 7 people accompanied by Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying, municipal committee, Party Secretary Yan Shujiang, Datong Municipal Committee and municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Qiguang and other leaders of the war under the guidance research the county discipline inspection and supervision work. Dorje and his entourage to the Secretary of the county water authority, Qiaotou Town Village, Chengguan town of the Honghe County independent risk control management pilot work, social management innovation and the construction of rural clean government work, public affairs investigation.

investigation, after the meeting in four county building room, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang is our county’s fundamental realities and the discipline inspection and supervision to carry out the work of the report to the Secretary for a dorje. In the investigation organs, township and village secretary Yan and listened to the report, the Secretary of the county Dorje’s economic development and discipline inspection and supervision work to give a high evaluation. He believes that the main features are as follows: first, Datong County, the basis of solid work, economic and social development ideas clear, good economic development momentum. Second, the discipline inspection and supervision work has the bright spot, has the characteristic. Third, independent risk prevention and control pilot work carried out solid. Fourth, rural grassroots party building work. Fifth, law enforcement inspection efforts, supervision and inspection in place. At the same time, the work of the future put forward four requirements and hope: first, I hope the county Party committee and county government, as always, support the discipline inspection and supervision work. The moment is the transition period of rapid economic and social development, but also all kinds of contradictions prone period, the county government must adhere to the "grasping with both hands" approach, in the grasp of economic development at the same time, further support the work of discipline inspection and supervision, discipline inspection Cadres Construction concerned. Second, discipline inspection organs and organizations to effectively perform their duties. County Commission for Discipline Inspection from the overall situation, in-depth, orderly, solid job of anti-corruption work, further serious social atmosphere, and strive to create a harmonious environment for the development of Datong, Fengqing gas is clean, effectively enhance the people’s happiness index. Third, strengthen measures to promote rural grassroots honest and clean government. The construction of rural clean government work has always been a weak link in the construction of anti-corruption, to increase the overall acceptance of village cadres in violation of law petition, investigating cases work, adhering to the "serious acceptance, timely completion" principle, on the basis of mutual trust and closer relationship between cadres and masses. Fourth, earnestly implement the work of the second half of the year. One is to unswervingly implement the responsibility of honest government work; two is to unremittingly promote the punishment and prevention system construction work; three is to deeply promote the pilot phase of independent risk control management work; four is to improve and perfect the system of public affairs, the government to create the sun.


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