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Apr 8, 2017 ixhnnluq

5 15 is the country’s twenty-third "iodine deficiency prevention day". Reporters from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission was informed that the province has established a sound channels, covering the whole province, the supply order, guarantee the supply of iodized salt network effectively, a total investment of 14 million 680 thousand yuan, the free distribution of iodized salt 6000 tons, the key areas of the province issued a free full coverage of iodized salt.

Iodine deficiency disorder (

) is a syndrome caused by the lack of iodine in the natural environment, which leads to the development of the brain and the development of the body. Over the years, the provincial government attaches great importance to the control and elimination of iodine deficiency disorders, has always been committed to the establishment and perfection of "government leadership, department coordination and participation of the whole society, the sustainable elimination of iodine deficiency hazard working mechanism, the full implementation of iodized salt in iodine deficiency disease comprehensive prevention and control measures, establish a sound channel, covering the whole province smooth and orderly, ensure supply of iodized salt supply network strong. The coverage rate of iodized salt, iodized salt increased significantly, iodine nutrition significantly improved, 8 to 10 years old children’s goiter rate below 5%. As of 2015, the province’s iodized salt coverage rate of 96.72%, qualified iodized salt consumption rate of 89.22%, the province continued to maintain a basic elimination of iodine deficiency disorders.

this year to control iodine deficiency disease day "campaign theme is" adhere to the scientific construction of health supplement, Chinese". I proposed to the province in 2020 to achieve the goal of eliminating IDD, 43 counties (cities, districts) are divided into three categories, strengthen the ability construction of iodine deficiency disease prevention and control institutions, continue to implement the free distribution of iodized salt measures in agricultural and pastoral areas of the province.


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