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May 22nd, in 2015, the province’s key projects and private enterprises to focus on the recruitment of colleges and universities and the employment fair will start, and on the same day in the first meeting of the provincial capital of sunning Plaza held. From the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Haidong, Haixi and other major industrial parks in the province and outside the 402 home units, to the province’s job seekers to provide 10369 jobs. Subsequently, the province will be held around the 45 special recruitment activities.
the recruitment activities by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial education department, the Provincial Federation of trade unions and Labor Federation, the Xining Municipal People’s government and Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee jointly organized aims to play key projects, our province key enterprises and private enterprises in promoting employment, build the labor supply and demand docking platform, guide and promote the province’s labor especially the employment of college graduates to solve the needs of enterprises for enterprises.
the theme is called "help employment, promote the development of private enterprises, mainly in the recruitment of 2015 college graduates as the focus, the same for all types of skills and talents in agricultural and pastoral areas of migrant workers, veterans, and urban laid-off workers, the disabled and zero employment family and all kinds of employment difficulties. Department of human resources and social security /
it is reported that the "recruitment week" series of activities in the province held 10 consecutive session. Up to now, this event has attracted more than 25 thousand companies involved in the cumulative, providing various types of job information to reach more than 190 thousand, to help more than 10 job seekers reached an employment intention. The first large-scale recruitment, there are 348 types of employers to enroll, there are more than and 50 enterprises to participate in on-site registration, recruitment involving administrative, financial economics, machinery manufacturing and other types of work and work more than 100, 2511 workers at the scene and the employer reached employment intentions.

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