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Apr 2, 2017 isjscowe

May 3rd, Xining stadium stands and power grid renovation project was officially completed, put into use.

Xining stadium built since 2002, has been responsible for the Xining area fitness, large-scale cultural and sports activities and sports, school sports team training mission, is an important place for Xining area fitness, sports competitions and professional training, especially since last year, for the Qinghai football team and Qinghai scichemy football team home court. Its importance is particularly prominent. However, due to disrepair, some of the stadium in Xining stadium in varying degrees of leakage, most of the seats damaged, shedding, etc..

Xining Municipal Sports Bureau and other relevant departments to invest 1 million 300 thousand yuan, the implementation of Xining stadium repair and waterproof power grid renovation project from the end of November last year, the project has been completed and put into use in May 3rd. After the transformation of the Xining stadium looks new, better training and event services. (author: Zhu Xiquan)



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