Qi Qi hot pot restaurant to join the question and answer

Apr 2, 2017 kgpatmos

Hot pot has now evolved into a popular selling food items, because no matter what kind of breed plus soup, put on the stove can be hot Hot pot show. Hot pot has also become a hot topic for investors to join. However, we still have a lot of hot pot to join people do not understand the problem, take Qi Qi hot pot shop to join it

asked: how much money can be invested in opening a "Qi Qi" hot pot restaurant?


(1): the transformation of the old shop in the restaurant of grade decoration into Hot pot shop, with practical area of 500 square meters as an example, the transformation of a Chongqing neat Hot pot shop, buy Hot pot chairs, clothing, tableware, kitchenware, etc. produced signs about 12-15 million. Renovation of interior decoration about 80 thousand yuan or so, (depending on the specific circumstances of the store renovation of the old and new programs may be) plus the entry fee, margin and necessary promotional costs, about $300 thousand to invest in a good operation.

(2): to open a new store renovation costs per square meter 750 (C shop) –1200 (B shop) yuan into the renovation, plus the initial fee, deposit, equipment, the total investment 1500-1700 yuan per square meter budget is enough.

asked: what franchise? What are the costs of joining hot pot?


franchise is a unique form of business management. It is the franchisor (leader) of intangible assets of the enterprise brand, such as intellectual property (including inventions, patents, trademarks, copyrights, brand and corporate reputation), organization and management of assets, market assets and human assets in the form of a contract awarded by the franchisor (franchisees) that was licensed by the provisions of the contract engage in business activities in the franchise, a unified business model, and to the franchisor (leader) to pay a fee. Franchisee to join the alliance, the need to pay the fee to join the union, including the franchise fee, equity, margin. Different industries to join the chain of specific charges vary.

Q: Chongqing Qi food culture Co., Ltd. the development of the status quo?


company was established in 1993 the first Hot pot shop to date, has developed into a set of "large Hot pot restaurants, chain operation, franchise Hot pot food culture development, talent training, product development and promotion, comprehensive logistics distribution" as one of the National Restaurant chain. Fast implementation of the company’s two brands of "Qi Qi" and "Qi Xi" market development, development and franchise outlets were.

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