The province’s old cadres conference held in Xining attended and spoke

Apr 2, 2017 jsbaengf

January 16th, the province held a meeting of veteran cadres in Xining. Provincial Standing Committee, organization department minister Qi Yu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting reviewed the work of veteran cadres in the province in 2009, on the implementation of national retired cadres "double first" recognition made clear the spirit of the general assembly, the National Conference of directors veteran and provincial ministers of the organization, the arrangements for the deployment of cadres work this year, the province of 2009 in recognition of the work of veteran cadres outstanding research achievements and advanced research work unit.

Qi Yu pointed out in his speech, conscientiously study and implement the party’s the fourth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and provincial eleven plenary meeting of the seven session of the spirit, to further strengthen the ideological and political work of retired cadres and Party building under the new situation, and comprehensively promote the great project of Party building an important task, but also an important content of the work of veteran cadres. We must pay close attention to unremittingly, perseverance catch effect. At the same time, we should give full play to the role of veteran cadres in the construction of new Qinghai.

Qi Yu stressed the need to further study the work of the old cadres in the new situation, new problems, and constantly improve the work level of the province’s veteran cadres. First, to study the changes in the structure of the veteran cadres, cadres of the work of the functions of how to locate the problem. The two is to study how to share the results of reform and development of retired cadres. The three is to study how to establish a sound mechanism to support the special difficulties of retired cadres and survivors. The four is to study how to play the advantages of the community, to enhance the level of service management cadres.

Qi Yu requirements, to strengthen the organization and leadership, the formation of the whole society to pay attention to, care for and support the work of veteran cadres good atmosphere. The work of veteran cadres is an important part of the party’s organizational work and the work of cadres. Party committees and governments at all levels should further improve the well under the new situation of understanding of the importance of the work of veteran cadres, strengthen organizational leadership, focus on the integration of various resources, mobilize all social forces to do the work of veteran cadres.


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