The social security comprehensive management has been included in the Xining civilized city created

Apr 2, 2017 jsbaengf

Qinghai news network comprehensive management of social security as one of the measures recently included in the creation of civilized city of Xining, seven projects".

on the realization of "safe Xining" create the target, Xining will strengthen the team construction of public security professionals with the organization and implementation of various forms of prevention and treatment activities, establish a unified implementation of community policing, residential area, patrol and other preventive measures to guard on duty, improve the technology and materials residential protection, air defense level, improve the fire the sense of security facilities, residents of more than 90%; adhere to the civilized and fair law enforcement, so that the masses of the political and legal teams, the satisfaction rate was 90%. At the same time, evil forces to crack down on theft, robbery and other serious harm to public safety and people’s life and property safety of all kinds of crimes, and resolutely investigate and deal with "yellow, gambling, drugs and other social evils; establish and perfect the democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision of the democratic system, and actively promote the community construction; carry out legal work, and strive to improve the legal system of public awareness and ability to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests; establish and perfect the legal aid institutions, set up grassroots legal service hotline, the implementation of effective legal aid to poor people. Xining city will also do a good job of orphans, disabled children and to protect the lawful rights and interests protection work, improve the protection of minors network, effectively protect the elderly, women, children and disabled people’s legitimate rights and interests. (author: Li Jing)


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