Province canceled 16 school bus driver qualifications

Mar 31, 2017 kgpatmos

Reporters from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that the province’s public security departments at all levels to carry out the fighting rule violations bus centralized regulation during the unity of action, strict regulation of school bus safety hazards and traffic violations, within 10 days of the investigation of school bus 490, and 16 who did not get a school bus driver qualifications, two quasi driving type does not match 13, the driver of the overdue inspection.

action, local public security departments according to the school the school peak time, scientific adjustment service, strengthen the school rush hour traffic to divert, to ensure school safety. Among them, the main road through Hainan, Haidong around the school bus is on duty, docking vehicle and driver to send students to record one by one, and through the patrol in the gate of the kindergarten, to prevent the "black road Dunshou, school bus, Wupaiwuzheng vehicle, truck speed transfer students, thorough investigation of overcrowding, speeding and other serious traffic violations. Huangnan Province, police departments at all levels to make full use of the functions of law enforcement teams, the implementation will check every car on the past shuttle students vehicle, and resolutely combat the "disease" "black" and other substandard vehicles to shuttle students behavior.During the

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