Xining Municipal Bureau of justice to assist Sichuan migrant workers get more than 40 yuan in advanc

Mar 31, 2017 fuhunxpj

reporter learned from the Municipal Judicial Bureau, 5·, 12, after the Wenchuan earthquake, there have been two batches of workers in the city of four

Chuan migrant workers due to the disaster in the home, eager to go home, but because of the reasons for the settlement of the construction site, migrant workers wages, medical expenses

is owed to varying degrees…… After learning this situation, the Bureau of grassroots work quickly organized manpower, to come forward with the association

tune, so that the two installment of a total of more than 70 Sichuan migrant workers wages of $about 400000, the migrant workers to return home smoothly.

on the afternoon of May 15th, was informed of the development of the Beijing Branch of the peninsula garden, a project contractor owed more than 40 Sichuan nationality

migrant workers wages 370 thousand yuan, the Bureau staff at the grassroots level immediately convened Dongchuan Industrial Park, Beijing Branch premises


property company responsible person to accept the mediation, through the efforts, it soon became clear that at the moment, the contractor will have

part of the arrears paid to migrant workers, so that they have the cost of returning home. The remaining arrears by the labor company subsequently settled with the contractor

paid off.

on the morning of May 19th, was informed that a contractor in Shangri-La project owed more than 30 Sichuan migrant workers wages of more than 4 yuan

and a migrant workers in the case of 12300 yuan of medical expenses, the Bureau staff at the grassroots level when the company will soon Jiangsu, Nantong

three to build the company’s head to the scene. After patient mediation, the two sides lifted the labor contract, migrant workers get the job

more than 4.5 yuan of money, injured workers get medical expenses of $12000. />  (


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